You Can Do It

Though there are many audio books in the world, there are only a few that leave an indelible impression on our minds and change our lives forever. In this article, we are going to talk to you about one such book written by one of the world’s leading personal development guru. No Excuses! The Power of Self Discipline is one of his many bestsellers, and this book insists on teaching its readers the power of owning up to one’s actions instead of passing the buck to someone else.

Why choose this audio book

There are quite a lot of strong and convincing reasons for why you should get this audio book. However, we have attempted to list down the most compelling reasons below:

This audio book is bound to change your lives. As you complete each chapter and the practical exercise at the end of each one of them, you will be motivated to implement the changes in your daily lives. It is easy for a book to give you pages and pages of motivational stuff, but it is really difficult for a book to motivate you practically and make you follow the “no excuses” policy. This book makes you do exactly that.

It changes your perception towards life – yours and others. When we see or hear about successful people, we always think that they have been luckier than us, don’t we? We also think that these people have been blessed with incredible talent, which we don’t have. Most of the times, we don’t realise that they are successful because they tried harder than us and never made excuses in their lives during their learning or training sessions. Brian Tracy, in this book, has successfully made his readers believe in themselves more than ever. Once you read this book, you will find yourself wanting to read it over and over again because it is a great read! You will stop blaming the time and your situations for your failure, and you will start owning up for your failures/mistakes.

This audio book is very easy to understand. Brian Tracy, in spite of being a renowned motivational speaker and a professional consultant, uses very simple language to convey his thoughts in this book. The ways to imbibe self-discipline and happiness are neatly described in the chapters that are constructed in a nice flow. Unlike most of the other self-help books, this one isn’t just theory! The paperback version is priced at just around $10, elsewhere which is an attractive price you pay for the immensely valuable returns that this book provides you. However this book done in audio will give you the ability to really drive the message home.


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