Why Ebay?


If you are familiar with various online shopping sites well known around the world such as Amazon.com, WalMart.com, Alibaba.com or Target.com. EBay is ranked at number two a the most popular e-commerce site in the world so even if you’re just running a single e-commerce platform for example just eBay, you are not entirely left out from the online business. That being said, running online business with multiple e-commerce sites under your helm may be advantages but you would certainly need to micro manage a lot.

So why eBay? First and foremost, even though there are various e-commerce platforms out there for people to search for items. eBay was considered to be consumer’s first choice to shop online be it new or used item, so if you’re keen on getting your item list being search in the fore front eBay is the easy win here, highlights your product and can direct people to your web site. That is amazingly cheap for any sellers out there to advertise their items which can be focused on their desired target market.


You may have this question in mind that why I should use eBay platform if I can set-up my own online site and having my own list of buyers? Well have you ever thought about what if you found yourself in a situation where you were a victim of a fraud especially you don’t have the means to get yourself protected from such situations?

But with eBay you will be protected by eBay’s Vehicle Purchase Protection where transactions that are completed on eBay are protected from online transactions. That being said, this program does not cover offline transactions including payments made via Moneygram or Western Union. Nevertheless if you’re running a online business site it best to stick with any form of transactions via online and especially being done in Ebay compared to running your own personal site.

Looking at traditional methods of purchasing items through shopping malls or shop lots. You may find yourself that certain item may be way above your budget, take for instance getting a DSLR camera. Now compared to looking for the same product in eBay, you will find that the prices may be lower compared to retail price.

That being said prices will vary from product to product especially limited or premium items and their prices will usually depend on the market price or the bidder’s price. As an online business venture why not give the people the opportunity to purchase items at the right price compared to purchasing at a retail price? This is a great opportunity not just for you but to everyone the choice to purchase or sell an item at the preferred price.

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